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How Is Blockchain Technology Expected To Impact Indian Healthcare Sector. 5 Points

Blockchain is the world's leading software platform for digital assets which has nearly taken the world by a squall. In the current scenario when blockchain technologies are picking up, startups are also trying to make best use of it. Recently, an Estonia-based startup Healthureum announced bringing blockchain to Indian healthcare through an Ethereum-based platform that consolidates all medical data and secures it with encrypted codes. Blockchain technology holds great future potential in the healthcare sector, said Healthureum citing recent studies conducted by American giants such as Deloitte and IBM. Here are 5 ways on how will blockchain impact Indian healthcare:1. Certify accuracy in procedures: Ritu Tyagi, marketing director, Healthureum said that the company aims to develop healthcare technology by integrating cryptocurrency into the existing system. This will abolish malpractices and certify accuracy in the operational procedures of healthcare.2. Provide efficient support: According to Mrs. Tyagi, over 500 lives are lost each day due to errors and accidents in the hospitals that can be prohibited by replacing the existing mechanisms with systems capable of managing huge data. Healthureum seeks to provide an efficient support in doctor consultation, referrals and diagnostics, medical infrastructure, philanthropic activities, data systematization, and research programs to enable cost cutting, population health management, innovation and regulatory practices by adopting cooperative delivery models and transitioning to digitized operations.

3. Secured fund transfer: Healthureum facilitates fast and secure transfer of funds across borders for payments for services and rewards on referrals both within the network and outside it enabling patients to seek video consultation from doctors in any part of the world without worrying about the hassles of transferring money to another country hence opening the doors to a globally connected network of doctors and patients, said Mrs Tyagi.

4. Transparency in healthcare: Healthureum guarantees a decentralized system in healthcare which will promote transparency and access in healthcare sector. In the current scenario, when Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robotics and IoT are already transforming medical processes, blockchain may further promote healthcare sector amidst different barriers, added Mrs. Tyagi.5. Provide high yield: In words of Mrs. Tyagi, Healthureum aims to provide high yield to each participant as well as to the whole system at large via the cryptocurrency-based model.

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