Microsoft Supports Epic Games Fight Against Apple

12 months ago

Leading tech giant Microsoft Corporation has extended its support to e-gaming company Epic Games Inc. in a fight against its prime competitor Apple Inc. According to the official announcement by Epic Games, Microsoft Corp. is backing it in its battle for access to gaming technology with Apple.

Being one of the world’s largest game developers, Epic Games is facing flak from its users when its key product offering Fortnite is not available on the Apple App Store. Epic is suing Apple in the federal court and forcing it to restore the Fortnite mobile gaming applications on the App Store. A federal case has been filed on Apple by Epic Games in mid-August. Details of the federal charges also include restricting Apple from blocking Epic Games’ developers from gaming tech tools and graphics upgrades.

Epic Games wants to block Apple from restricting them with developer tools and disabling their key graphics technologies. Apple has restricted Epic’s gaming apps from the Unreal Engine graphics technology, while other apps can still get access to this technology. The dispute becomes meatier as the majority of Epic’s gaming apps need Unreal Engine as its core graphics software suite. It helps their games run a 3-D user experience. Mac and iOS developers have cut-off Epic from getting access to Unreal Engine.

Microsoft is acting towards the favor of Epic Games and has allowed the gaming company to gain complete access to Unreal Engine technology on Windows Mobile, Android, Xbox, and Windows platforms. It allows users to run Epic Games gaming applications smoothly on PCs, devices, and gaming consoles associated with Microsoft.

The substantial disadvantage caused by disabling Unreal Engine tech to gaming creators such as Epic Games is stirring the dispute against Apple. However, the iPhone maker has appealed to the federal court judge to reject the request raised by Epic Games. It has compelled Epic Games to develop and run Fortnite and its other gaming products by using Apple-native or different gaming technology and graphic engines.

According to Microsoft Corporation, Epic Games would face serious cost and development issues when they have to rebuild Fortnite on completely different graphics engines to enable iPhone users and making the game available on App Store. Microsoft also has a tiff with Apple for not allowing its Xbox cloud gaming service on iPads and iPhones.

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