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Kangana Ranaut Now on Twitter, Tells Bollywood About Her Agenda

1 year ago

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut finally made her official debut on Twitter on August 21, 2020. She informed her fans about it through a video message released on the social networking site. Kangana will be speaking her mind through her verified Twitter account @KanganaTeam.

However, she started facing criticism shortly after the news of her joining Twitter surfaced. Responding to Bollywood claims that she joined Twitter to further her ‘personal agenda,’ Bollywood ‘Queen’ clarified that of course she is here with an agenda and that is nothing but ‘Nationalism.’

In the video, she can be found explaining why she has joined the platform too late after being active in the film industry for so many years.

In her 15-year career, Kangana said she had been asked on numerous occasions to join the social media. She also revealed how she had to lose deals worth crores from different brands just because she was not on any social media platform. Some influential people from both inside and outside Bollywood took advantage of her absence on social media platforms and tried their best to declare her a ‘witch,’ she alleged. 

According to her, it was her personal decision to stay away from social media as she never felt any distance between her and fans.

In her own words, the only reason behind joining Twitter is “the power of social media,” as seen in the case of the tragic death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. She felt inspired by how the outrage caused on social media following this unfortunate incident turned into a movement to bring justice to him.

Kangana believes that people can use social media to change the world by raising their voices for much-needed reforms. She would like to use this power of positivity to contribute toward building a new India, the outspoken actress added.

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