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FC Barcelona Joins Hands With Tencent Esports

12 months ago

On Monday, a Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona announced its partnership with Tencent Esports division, a Chinese multinational conglomerate.

Earlier this year, FC Barcelona showed some interest in the Chinese League of Legends. And, this announcement could be a good foundation to achieve the same. Under this partnership with Tencent, FC Barcelona tends to explore innovation beyond traditional esports and sports. The partners will also try their hands on esports education, esports competitions, and industry exchange in the coming future, to explore further possibilities of relations between esports and sports.

Founded in 1998, Tencent Holding Ltd. is a Chinese multinational company that has subsidiaries in multiple dimensions, including education, sports, entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, and technology. It is the owner of Riot Games and has a 40% stake in Epic Games. Additionally, it has 84.3% stake in Clash Royale developer Supercell, 11.5% in PUBG mobile, 5% each in Call of Duty mobile, and Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft.

It was 2019 that Tencent’s esports division first joined hands with a football club under a tie-up with FC Manchester. Thus, it is not the first time that the company has taken steps towards a soccer club for future exploration. In the past, the Catalan soccer club and Tencent have also worked together and shared a great bond as well. This team-up was done to work together for providing aid amidst the hard times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Talking about FC Barcelona, it is one of the most popular Spanish professional football clubs worldwide, better known as Barça. Apart from its joining hands with Tencent for esports division, no other information is shared by the officials. Therefore, it is not possible at this time to come up with an in-depth analysis of this partnership. However, this news can be directly linked to its initial aim of entering the Chinese football league.

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